Something Else! :
As a singer I sometimes stepped outside of my jazz world into a completely different adventure.
On this page you can listen to parts of some of those escapades!

I've had the pleasure (and honour) of being invited to work with the Royal Dutch Airforce Orchestra and join them
in some of their "after summer" projects. Of course as a jazz singer!
But then they asked me to join them in a Brazilian project....
Not my thing, I thought, but to my own surprise,
I absolutely loved it!

The MP3's are raw recordings of one of the LIVE concerts. No mixing, absolutely bare and only parts of the songs!!!
But to me they bring back memories of wonderful concerts with wonderful musicians.
Man, what an orchestra!



KLU - Brazilian Project

October 2004

Royal Dutch Airforce Orchestra


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Many, many years ago a good friend of mine asked me to sing (record) some songs for him that he had composed and then
played & recorded himself!!!.
He wanted to know what it would sound like with an actual voice....

No jazz, no English, but Dutch Pop Ballads, which he himself called (laughing) "Famous Dutch Poldersongs"!


Famous Dutch Poldersongs!


musician & composer:

Eric Bergsma


(used to be) MP3's
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As the BUMA only allows me to put a maximum of 10 minutes of music on my site, I've had to take this music off...
The links now lead you to my Hyves-page: there you can listen to the Dutch Poldersongs.
I apologize for the inconvenience.